Meet Alysha M, the visionary CEO and founder of NaturaleeCurlee. With a passion for both beauty and business, my journey began when I pursued my dream of becoming a cosmetologist, immersing myself in the world of natural hair and skincare solutions. Armed with my creative flair and an entrepreneurial spirit, I later earned a business degree to complement my expertise in the beauty industry. NaturaleeCurlee was born out of my personal struggle with accepting and appreciating my hair and a desire to find effective, nature-inspired products. Fueled by a belief in the power of natural ingredients and the need for eco-friendly alternatives, I embarked on a mission to create a line that celebrates the beauty of simplicity and authenticity. Our vision is to empower individuals to embrace their natural beauty while providing them with beauty solutions that are gentle, sustainable, and crafted with love. Through NaturaleeCurlee, I am committed to sharing the transformative journey of natural beauty and self-care with the world.